February 26, 2008

Cat in the Bag

You should know before reading this post that this is in fact a TRUE story. I couldn't have made up an uproariously funnier story if I tried. And if you know my mom, it's even funnier because I swear she constantly has the funniest things happen to her. I hope this post does it justice. Telling it in person is sooo much funnier.
My mom has a friend who, for whatever reason, feels it is her sole responsibility to give road kill animals a proper burial. Are you as creeped out as I am?? At least you'll probably never be in a car with her. My mom, however, isn't quite so lucky.
So my mom is riding along with her friend on their way to do some shopping when they come across a dead cat in the road. And you can bet her friend wasn't for any reason going to pass up that cat. After all, it needs a proper burial, right?? Eww. All they had was an empty Nordstrom bag, so that's where the dead cat is put and then placed in the trunk of the car.
So they continue on with their day and finish their shopping. They come to their car and pop open the trunk to put their shopping bags in. They pull out the infamous Nordstrom bag to load the other bags into the trunk when out of nowhere, this guys comes running by, and SNATCHES the Nordstrom bag for my mom's friend. They both stand there in disbelief of what the heck just happened. Boy is that guy going to be in for a surprise! lol!!! Okay, so I could end the story there with a good laugh, but that is not where the story ends...
Only minutes pass, and while still in shock of what just happened, my mom and her friend watch as the man continues to run off....... when out of nowhere..... he gets hit by a friggin CAR!!! No Joke, my friends. If you don't believe in Karma, take notes on what just occured. But wait, it gets even better...
So the ambulance shows up. The paramedics load him onto the gurny and as they are loading him into the ambulance, a bystander notices the Nordstrom bag and figuring it must belong to the guy getting loaded into the ambulance, calls out to the paramedic, "hey, I think this belongs to him." He hands it to the paramedic who then places it on the man on the gurny. And then they take him away. I wish I could see the look on that guys face when he opens that bag. LOL. Jokes on you pal.
I personally don't think that's where the story ends. To my knowledge, when someone is admitted to a hospital, all their belongings are placed into a clear bag. I would bet that guy would have some serious explaining to do!


Jessica Martiele said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is HANDS DOWN my favorite story I have EVER HEARD. EVER. EVER EVER EVER. HA!

Thanks for sharing, and even if it's not as good on the computer as it is in person (because you tell a GREAT story), it's PRETTY DANG CLOSE!!!

Ashley said...

Holy crap....that's so crazy it can't be true!!! That is hilarious!!!
Long time no talk!!! How the heck are you???!!! How did the pageant go?? I decided not to go because I was pregnant and didn't want to be called fat....lol!!!

Jessica Garthe said...

Oh my goodness, that is great!!!!
Thanks for sharing. I love your blogs!!!!

Paige said...

holy cow man.... thats all i got.