February 22, 2008


So the other day I needed to go pick up a package at Fedex after they left me one of those door tags. So I get there and get in line. There's maybe 6 of us waiting patiently. There's two fedex employees behind the counter and one anounces to those of us waiting in line that we can hand in our door tags so she can go into the back to retrieve our packages. Not even a minute after, the other lady announces, almost shouting, "Okay people. Now I wouldn't recommend you all turning in your door tag all at once and to just remain in line. I don't want anyone to get upset when someone that was in line behind you gets their package before you." I WISH someone I know could have been there to hear her. Words cannot describe the hilarity of it. She was seriously practically shouting. To me it was as if she was saying "EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN PLEASE" as if people were screaming at her. It was sooooo funny. There were SIX of us. I mean, c'mon, so I wait what, another 5 minutes? Clearly it's been an issue before. I would imagine it's more convenient for the employee fetching the packages to just go get them all at once. But dang, when they get back they won't be able to remember who was first in line thus creating pissed off customers. Maybe I'm a genius, but if it's really an issue and you want to be more efficient in retrieving packages, why not take the door tags one at a time and number them? Problem solved.

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Jessica Martiele said...

Nope, you ARE a genius. I couldn't have come up with that idea if it killed me. Maybe it's my mommy brain. Either way, you're a genius.