February 23, 2008

Road Rage

Aubry is my 2 1/2 year old niece who is the funniest little girl I've ever met. She talks very well for her age and can easily hold a full on conversation with you with little effort on your part. So anyway, my mom (her grandma) and my sis-n-law (Aubry's mom) were running some errands at a store. Aubry was sitting in a push cart when a lady evidently got a little too close to her cart which led Aubry to exclaim, "Watch it lady! Don't you know how to drive??!" If only I could have been there. That's something she so totally picked up from grandma. Grandma's apparently got a bit of a road rage problem. lol!!!

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Jessica Martiele said...

LOL...my son was talking to Jason's mom once and said something about "The frickin' van," and I'm SOOOO glad she didn't notice, 'cause he TOTALLY got that one from me. Frickin' everything. Your mom rocks.