February 22, 2008

ATT vs. Verizon

We've all seen those Verizon commercials...can you hear me now?? Okay, so we have verizon cell phones and ATT for our cable. The cable guy came over yesterday to work on our cable and his cell phone rang. He must have been having a hard time with the connection because he proceeded to go outside, and once out there he asked (no joke) "can you hear me now?". When he came back in he asked if we ever have trouble with reception in the house to which we replied, "no, not ever actually." He then asked what provider we have and we told him. We didn't even bother asking who his was. But venturing a guess under the assumption that he has a company cell phone, I'm going to guess ATT. Me and the hubs were dying of laughter after he left. It was like a Verizon commercial unfolding right before our eyes. I was just waiting for that verizon guy to pop out of somewhere and expose the masses of people that would normally be standing behind us, referred to as our verizon network. lol


SHIRLEY'S said...

Thats so great! my father in law is the Corporate lawyer for verizon, ill have to share that story with him. he would appreciate that!

MB Newson said...

Maybe they'll turn it into an actual commercial. lol.