March 5, 2008

Yet another PSA

Okay, so I won't mention any names to protect the innocent since this was in no way an intended act to harm anyone. So someone decided to go to the car during Sunday School to go over a talk they would be giving in Sacrament (our church schedule is backwards so we end with Sacrament). Apparently during that hour, this person needed to relieve themselves of some seriously nasty gas. Hey, there was no one else in the car, no harm done, right?? Wrong!!! So after church I climb into the very same car with this person to go home. Almost instantly I jumped back out of the car. I can't even begin to explain the nastiness that had over an hour to ripen in the car before I met my fate. It was so potent I swear I could almost taste it. Sooo nasty! Even though this person did think to slightly crack the windows, the fresh oxygen that should have flowed in was no match to the Bog of Stench (anyone seen Labrynth? lol).
PSA - If you gotta let one rip, do NOT do it in an area that might cause it to linger longer and ripen.
PSA #2 - Don't take a chance on letting one rip on the OFF chance it won't stink.


The Ellsworth Clan said...

LOL,, tell this person that he (or she) is one nasty mofo! Unfortunately I have had the same experience on more than one occasion due to a nameless person as well.

Ty & Emily said...

You have the best stories and you tell them so well!!!

JM said...

k, chelsea voelker's here with me and we're reading this and both laughing LITERALLY out loud. You tell THE best stores, mb. brilliant. you need to do stand up on weekends. we could have a mormon standup night for a ward activity and just let you perform all evening long. fabulous.

Hillary said...

Too funny! Suck to be you.