August 24, 2009

Office Rules

I've created a few items that I think should be standardized rules in the work place since apparently common courtesy has lost its place in the world.
1. No reheating sea food in the lunch room. I don't know what it is about reheated seafood, but it somehow always seems to have that nasty fishy smell that may not have been apparent when the dish was freshly made. I'll admit I'm not a seafood enthusiast. In fact, I down right hate it. But you enthusiast can't tell me that when you walk into the lunch room, or even within a 50 foot radius, that you take a whiff of that crap and think, "mmm, that smells good."
2. NO PHONE CALLS IN THE BATHROOM. Really? Really. That phone call just couldn't wait 5 minutes? Everyone has to of experienced this at some point in a public bathroom. But at work? Really? Because it's not some stranger in that stall next to you. I mean, maybe you have little business to do there, but that coworker next to you could blast any minute for all you know! And lets not even discuss sanitary concerns...
3. Hand washing mandatory after bathroom use. What is wrong with people? You're in a public place for heavens sake. Do you not see the risk here? Maybe you're not concerned about contracting contaminants, but the rest of us have noticed your lack of washing and are concerned about receiving YOUR contaminants. And don't even try to sell me on your hand sanitizer. It doesn't replace hand washing, and kills "most" germs, not all, and does nothing to eliminate viruses.
4. Coffee pot culprit - You know who you are! The audacity! To think that some people apparently feel it's beneath them to take 2 minutes to refill the coffee pot and push the brew button after taking the rest of the last pot. Though I'm not a coffee drinker, I've seen my share of victims, and let me tell you, it can be a scary thing to witness when someone hasn't had their cup of joe in the morning and goes to pour a tall mug of nothing.
5. All or Nothing rule. If you're not going to eat the whole thing, say a donut or bagel, DON'T TOUCH IT! Not only does it concern me who may have touched that item to cut it in half, but now I'm disappointed I can't eat the whole thing. So if you're "watching" you're calorie intake, maybe you should just leave the good food for people who appreciate it.
6. No nail clipping. Yes nail clipping, as in finger nail clipping. I can understand a quick clip of a hangnail, but when I hear that "" it kinda grosses me out. All I gotta say is how nasty would that be to see someone's nail fling over onto your desk! Nasty! Cause you know when you clip those things it's like the clipper turns into a sprinkler head spraying out nails everywhere.

So maybe I should get a petition going or something... thoughts?


Laura & Corey said...

Eww, seafood is so gross. I'm right there with ya.

Amber said...

Yeah I cant believe that people dont wash their hands after going to the bathroom. I saw someone do that at church the other day and I was just baffled.