August 25, 2009

Angry Tears

This post is mostly going to be something only girls can relate to. Why is that when we get really angry, we suddenly have that overwhelming urge to cry? When I'm angry, it sure would be nice to have some dang lasers comin' out my eyes instead of stupid angry tears. Is that too much to ask Lord? How are people supposed to take me seriously when I've got tears and no lasers?

Being a girl is lame sometimes. boo hoo.


The Bock Family said...

Totally true. Lasers would be awesome! Why were you so mad?

I'm just sayin'... said...

LOL... I wasn't actually. But the story is told best as if something had just happened.
But I've been there before several times and something someone said yesterday made me think of it and how having some frickin lasers would be awesome! like in Austin Powers. LOL
I'm so lame.