August 7, 2009

How Rude!!!

Picture this and ask yourself "what would I do?":
Lets say you're at El Pollo Loco. Your hubs is in line while you snag a table. There's one guy in front of you and about 4 people behind you, and one cashier ringing up. Now the guy "ordering" apparently doesn't speak or read English and is currently having the cashier give him a run down of the menu and all the different options, literally. You know this because you're husband, who is somewhat patiently waiting in line, speaks Spanish. It's been somewhere between 5-10 minutes, which is a freakin loooong ace time to be at the freakin register (hey I never claimed to be patient when I'm hungry). Anyway, that's not even the point of the story and is really a story of its own..
There's another employee, who appears to be the one taking drive-thru orders since she has a headset on, and is near an unused register. All of a sudden there's this little 8 year old girl with a $10 bill walking up to this employee to order something extra for her huge family that is sitting nearby with a table full of food and the mother standing somewhat nearby shoooing her to the register telling her in Spanish, "it's okay, just ask the lady." And the lady RINGS HER UP!!!
Hold the phones people, did that just really happen? A women had her child cut in front of 5 people and thinks that's okay? What kind of message are you sending your child? Not to mention... HOW RUDE!!!!!!!!!!
And what about the employee? I think I would have pointed that little girl in the direction of the end of the line. Does that employee not see how that might upset some of the other customers? Granted, my somewhat patient/impatient husband used that opportunity to insist that same employee ring him up since she rang up that little girl and "menu" guy was still "ordering" so I guess it was kind of a blessing in disguise.


The Bock Family said...

Yea....that's definitely annoying. I am less patient than Nathan is and would have said something before the lady even rang the little girl up. "Um, excuse me. I was hear first and I'm hungry. Now give me some free food!"

Amber said...

I have to agree with Katie! I would have said something before she rang up the little girl. Im a BEAST when I am hungry.

Jessica Martiele said...

See, it's funny...I'm horribly impatient and would've stomped my foot and sighed loudly and repeatedly...but probably not said a word until the girl had gotten her food, and then done just want Nathan did...ask if the chick behind the counters was (obviously) taking orders. Times like that I wish I were more assertive...

But the Spanish thing? That makes me want to scream. Especially when I see billboards in ONLY Spanish...or get ready to enroll my 4 year-old in a kindergarten where the PTA meetings are conducted IN SPANISH. Someone slap me. Now.