August 16, 2009

Diaper Changing - a pain or a privilege?

I've got about 13 nieces and nephews and between them all have had my fair share of diaper changing. So I'd say I'm in a position to share my opinion on the subject and state they are not only a pain to change, but a whole lot of nastiness. But something occurred yesterday that led me to believe that there are those who apparently consider it a privilege. Right now you're probably thinking, who in their right mind? This person must be either nuts, or maybe a new parent still relishing all the "new" little moments with their new bundle of joy. On the contrary though. This new found "privilege" (a term I use loosely since I don't necessarily agree) was actually bestowed upon me the other day by the very person whose diaper I was suddenly changing.
You see, my niece Emma (who will be 2 next month) has for whatever reason taken a strong liking to me. I don't see her too often so I'm sort of at a loss for where her attachment comes from. I'm thinking it may be very strongly linked to the piggy back rides. Anyway, my sister and I are sitting in the living room when she tells her mommy she's got "poo poo", which translates as needing a diaper change. So my sister grabs a diaper and wipes and Emma sits down in front of me. My sister drags her over, lays her down and she fusses and squirms while calling out," MB.. MB..", which is what she calls me. So my sister lets go and Emma squirms her way over till she's in front of me and throws her legs up with this huge SMILE on her face. It was as if she were saying, "Congratulations! Moms been stripped of her privileges and I have offered you this once in a lifetime opportunity. Isn't it exciting?" So of course I changed her diaper. Not to mention her mommy was all too willing to relinquish her diaper changing honor. Luckily it didn't end up being a poopy diaper.
So to summarize, most of us consider diaper changing a pain. But it the eyes of a 2 year old, it's apparently a privilege.


Amber said...

I need to have Grant start getting to be buddies with you!

Atwoods said...

well i would clearly choose you as my favorite aunt as well...poop or no poop.