July 7, 2009

Ohhh, she said LIKE! Well that clears it all up.

So I'm sitting in Young Womens class at church (a sunday school type class for girls ages 12-18) and we asked them about their 4th of July celebrations. We have sisters in there that don't always see eye to eye, one is 13 the other 17. The 13 year old says, "we stayed up till like midnight doing fireworks." And then her sister smugly/accusingly corrected her, "no, you guys went to bed at 11:30." And then the 13 year old very seriously/smugly corrected her... " I said like! (emphasis on LIKE with a very much "duh" tone in her voice)." It was your average sibling bickering, but I found it hysterical. And also found it enlightening. To think that I've been understanding conversations wrong all this time. Wonder how well that would go over with my boss...
"MB, I thought you said these numbers were good to go."
"I said they were like good to go." Duh.

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Jessica Martiele said...

That's AWESOME. I'm going to start using "like" in everything so that anything who "misunderstands" me in the future I can correct with an "I said LIKE." :)