July 15, 2009

What are you here for?

Ever seen the Blue Collar Comedy tour? Well if you have, you're familiar with the phrase, "Here's your sign!" Seriously I think I have at least a few of those kind of moments every day. But this one was blog worthy.

Me and the hubs are in the process of mattress shopping. So we went to Sit-n-Sleep, a mattress store, naturally. We walk in and are greeted by the sales guy whose first words, very cheerfully I might add, following his greeting is, "So, what are you here for?". Without missing a beat my husband says, "We're looking to buy a new car." bahahahahhahaaaaaaa

I realize the salesman's question was probably more geared toward "what type of mattress are you looking for", but it doesn't take away from how dumb he sounded. haha


The Bock Family said...

Too funny....way to go Nate!!! I love those jokes.

Jessica Martiele said...

Your husband has a gift.

Because, you see, I'd have said something like "a california-king mattress." That's not funny.

Nathan is funny. God bless him.