July 8, 2009


Not sure if all of you in the work place have experienced internet blocks for websites deemed inappropriate, but my work does. The way it works is if you type in key words, like porn or boobs, a screen will pop up and indicate: ACCESS DENIED!
And then it indicates the catergory it falls under, like Pornography.
So I'm on my way to work and a rock hits my freakin windshield. I'm barely going 35 and so is the vehicle in front of me which apparently kicks up a rock that put a bulls eye the size of a penny on my winshield. So right after I crapped my pants (because the impact was so shockingly loud I jumped), I say to myself, "great, now I gotta have it repaired before it spreads." I get to work and google "windshield crack repair". To my dismay, up pops "ACCESS DENIED!"... categorized under Illegal Drugs. Huh. Really?
Maybe it's protocol to just set these internet barriers to a list of words associated with bad things, which is probably the case. But it begs the question, why? Are there really people stupid enough to look up things at work that could implicate them in illegal situations that would result in arrest? Apparently so. So FYI... be leary about the person sitting next to you at work. They could be a drug dealer.


Jessica Martiele said...

How come I TOTALLY thought that you were going to say it was access denied for Porn? (I assumed the "crack" was going to be based on buttocks. Shows where my mind usually is, doesn't it?)

Also, back when I was an exec assist in HR before Tyler came along, we actually fired one of the VPs...partially for sexually harrassing his secretary, of course, but also in part - and I know because I was responsible for taking the CPU to our Net crew and getting all the crap on disk - for spending what seemed to have been HOURS surfing, downloading, and watching porn at work. UBER-nasty.

So the guy next to you at work may be a druggie...but they might also be a nympho! And isn't THAT a happy thought!

Kim said...

That is hilarious! I was totally thinking along the line of Jess, but that is even more funny!