June 29, 2009

Crazzy's Wasewagan

So this last week I spent up in Big Bear at girls camp as a "cabin mom" (although all my girls thought I was a Laurel (the 17-18 year olds) :). We went to a campground named "Crazzy's Wasewagan". The camp was built in the 30's and though much of it has been restored, it still had some spooky looking parts. Like this little shack, maybe about the size of a king size mattress in square footage, and just tall enough for me to stand up in. The whole top half was open and lined with screen material and had tattered green material hanging around the inside as make-shift drapes. The door had no knob, just a latch with a stick through it to keep it closed. (I would have taken a pic if my camera battery wasn't dead :P) And then behind the mess hall, there was a peculiar looking concrete mound with a door on it high enough for people to walk in. I'm guessing it was some sort of storage room, but looked eerily similar to the huge hearth in Hansel and Gretel that the witch cooked the kids in. So naturally my head started flowing with scary stories and between me and my friend Erin (another cabin mom), the story got pretty out of control quick, to our delight. I mean with things like described, the story practically writes itself. I had the 13 year olds in my cabin, and Erin had the 12 year olds in hers. She managed to tell the story the first night, and then it spread through camp the next day. I tried to tell it to my girls the next night, but every time I tried, they would scream NOOO, and would start singing "I am a Child of God." LOL...hysterical. Why so scared? Well let me tell you the story of the crazy bum named Lazy Eye Jenkins that used to roam these parts not so long ago...

(stay tuned for the story....)

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Jessica Martiele said...

I'm still tuned, and you're late!

Can't say I'm jealous about your Girls' Camperoo, but...glad you had fun? Or did you? More details, please!