June 16, 2009

Perves Pardise

So I had the opportunity to spend a girls day out at Glen Ivy in Corona yesterday. While the day was full of fun and relaxation and some much needed girl time, I couldn't help but notice the number of men there. Granted the ratio of men there was probably less than 10%, but still that's kind of a lot for a place I'd consider "girly". Seriously, at one point there I am with my sister-n-law and mother-n-law sitting in the mineral spa when 6 gangley men invade the very same spa. Than came an involuntary and awkard conversation my sister-n-law had with one of the men where he asked about her unpainted fingernails and stated that all women should have them painted and then asked about her toes. As if that wasn't icky enough, he then kinda tapped her leg (mind you we're in swimsuits) and said, "don't worry, I won't bite." Needless to say we moved onto a different area.
I realize it's open to both genders, but I was really surprised to see so many flock to a place that most men I know see as a pointless place to hang out. So I asked myself, why? Why would these men pay 40 bucks to hang out at a pool all day. Yes we're in a day in age when the metro sexual man has...come out of the closet (or what have you), but these are NOT metro sexual men. They're frumpy old farts! And then it hit me all at once...it's a Perves Paradise.
Let's put it in perspective...
1) These days, seeing a man at a spa all day no longer labels him as gay thanks to the metro sexual man.
3) Too many men at more public places that are free, like the beach.
4) Where else can a man go to casually oogle all day? And if called out on it his rebuttle would be something like, "well I don't know about you, but I paid $40 to relax. Why would I pay $40 to oogle when I can oogle anywhere else for free?" Please see point 2 and 3 sir. Not to mention, sir, many of your kind pay who knows what to get a girl to dance in your lap. Couldn't you also get that somewhere else for free?

Anyway, it sure would be nice if a place like that limited men to just a couple days a week so women can plan their spa days around those days. I went to relax, and did so, but still couldn't help but feel self conscious because of those men there. And they were oogling...


Jessica Martiele said...

Korean Bathhouse, anyone?

I'm a believer in separating the sexes for things like that, seriously. I can't relax if I'm having to associate with the opposite sex. I'm married. I'm not available for flirting or making male buddies. If I want to relax with the opposite sex around, I'll hang out with Jay. Otherwise, me and the girls. This, to me, is like having a both-sexes locker room. I'd change in a bathroom stall, shower in a swimsuit, and just generally hate it. Same problem with Glen Ivy; $40 to be ogled and have to converse with MEN I don't know? Thanks anyway. I'll be sticking to the all-female naked people at the KB.

Amber said...

Gee thanks. I have a gift cert. there. And Im not looking forward to it as much as I was before I read this.