June 1, 2009

Are you Cold? Nope.

Like many women, I'm chronically cold. I could be in bed, have 5 blankets piled high, begging my husband to roll over to help me get warm. To which he rolls over, only to roll back complaining that I'm a furnace...to which I reply, "well then my bones must still be cold cause I'm freezing!"

Even as I type this my fingers are frozen from the freakin AC that blows nonstop in my cubicle. Yeah, it's like 80 out today, beautiful and sunny. But I'm indoors sitting in the Artic Circle. So my usual work attire consists of sweaters, jackets, and mittens with finger cut outs (so I can still type but keep these phalanges warm!).

So why is it that people will ask me if I'm cold?? I mean, I realize I'm wearing a jacket, but are my lips purple and my teeth chattering...? My usual reply to them is a simple, "no." And then they look at me like I'm the crazy one. I have a jacket on people.
Last I checked, jacket = warm, not cold.
I'm just sayin..