August 8, 2008

Nachos Please

When I go to an Angels game, my favorite thing to get are the nachos. LOVE THEM!!! $5 bucks for about the portion you see pictured, which is filling, but kinda pricey. To be expected at a ball park. So before the game we went to Monday, I took matters into my own hands...
I went to the store and bought a can of my very own nacho cheese for $7 bucks! Now you might be thinking that's alot to pay for a thing of nacho cheese, but picture about a gallon worth and then you'll realize the bargain here!! It turns out they only sell the ginormous size cans of it, and I'm okay with that. And I shoud point out that it's only 7 grams of fat per quarter cup. So I am not feeling guilty for indulging at all.
So now I have a huge tupperware in the fridge full of nacho cheese and our RS had this summer picnic thing the other night that was potluck, so I of course bust out the delicious nacho cheese.
It wasn't an enrichment activity, but a thing this one lady hosts in her backyard every summer. So the host is at the food table and i'm standing there loading my plate with my friend Jessica, when the host throws out there, "wow, who brought all that cheese?" trying to sound curious, but probably more disgusted. Mind you her sign up sheet on Sunday was labeled "healthy sidedishes" and I'm thinking, hello, only 7 grams of fat per quarter cup!. Geeze lady, just trying to share the wealth, you're welcome.
So without missing a beat I owned up to the cheese and told the fun story of how it came about. She didn't seem any more pleased than before, not that I cared, it makes for a great story.
And here's a little irony for you... Considering the likelihood of her being a bit disgusted with the cheese from her comment, I found the main dish she provided a bit counterproductive... hot dogs. I don't know if you can get any more unhealthier than that. So excuse me for trying to make things a little more healthy at the picnic. lolllll


Paige said...

i missed nacho cheese? I DONT HEAR ABOUT ANYTHING IN YW!!!...i really am bummed...

JM said...

Dang, that was some wonderful cheesy goodness. Yu-meeee. Paige, you really missed out (rub-rub-rub)! And as for the hostess? Over-50 club. What do you expect but utter and total hypocrisy?

Yes, I'm being judgemental. Returning favor for favor, I guess. Anyway, I loved the cheese, so screw her and her little dog, too.

7 grams of fat per quarter cup. I'm goin' to Costco and buy me some NACHO CHEESE!