August 25, 2008

How about... I don't think so, stupid!

So I could write a book about the annoying lady I share an office with (by the way, pictures to come showing just how small the office we share is) but it would take me way too long, so I pick and choose my stories. (names changed to protect the innocent) Here's one for the books:
Last Friday (a payday for us) we had an audit that required all employees to present ID to pick up their checks. So today, an employee approaches my office coworker for his check. She checks his ID and begins flipping through the checks. Coming up empty she asks, "you're last name is Jones, right?" To which he replies, "no, it's Walker." (right, not eeeeven close and by now she should know these peoples names). Laughing at herself she says, "and I just checked your ID." The gentleman lets out a chuckle, all while I roll my eyes. But that's not the point of my story, as good as that story is. After stating 'and I just checked your ID', she then proceeds to say, "that's how good we are here." I'm sorry, did you just say WE???????????????!! It took all my energy to bite my tongue. How about.. I don't think so, STUPID!!!!!!! lakkej#@jld%*&ald!!!!


Paige said...

just be like "sorry lady, unlike your 'Valeria', your stupidity isn't contagious."

JM said...

Holy cow, this story was great even before you got to "we." We? Is she SERIOUS? I agree with Paige on that one. "Not we, honey...I knew he was a Purcell. What's YOUR problem?" Poor MB. It's amazing you have any hair left at all, 'cuz I'd've pulled mine all out months ago.

The Ellsworth Clan said...

Whatever, this broad is nothing compared to the phsocio (spelling?) path, smoking, crazy, lesbian that I had to work with side by side like that for 3.5 YEARS!!! I hope you get away from her and let yourself breathe at least 3 times a day. Eeeew, what does she smell like??