August 13, 2008


You've heard the saying....she's a "butterface (but her face)... meaning everything else looks good but her face. So I was catching up on the latest gossip at USMagazine's website which had this picture posted asking for you to vote which one was the hottest. Phelps is by far the least attractive (and thank goodness his grill ain't showin'). The guy on the right looks gay and I'm not big on the whole jungle fever thing anyway. Which brings me to the guy on the left. He's pretty good looking I guess. Maybe it would be easier to judge if he weren't right next to Phelps. But what the heck is up with the skull necklace???


Heidi said...

thats hilarious! I love that post! I am with you all the way... I hate it when Phelps talks... so not attractive!

Emily said...

I instantly started laughing when I saw these photos. I thought... why is she posting three ugly guys? Now I see why...hahaha!!!!

Paige said...

oh MB, you're my favorite...for...sooo many reasons...this post being one of them.