January 31, 2011

I CAN SEE!! Nope, I was wrong.

Anyone see the movie "Men in Tights"? If not, the heading means nothing to you. If so, then continue laughing you're head off, I'll wait...
All kidding aside, anyone ever notice the ironic things they sometimes print brail on? Like the drive-thru ATM... would a blind person really be using a drive-thru? Granted I'm sure ATM's are just mass produced, some of which end up in a drive-thru, and some that are probably more accessible for someone that is blind, but the thought is still funny. But I recently encountered brail on an item that left me scratching my head. I was in a ladies restroom when I noticed the changing table had instructions in brail.

You would have to be one seriously confident woman to blindly change a baby's diaper... especially a poopie one.

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The Bock Family said...

obviously have seen the movie and laughed. And I would not be changing anything if I was blind!!