January 31, 2011

Simma Down Now!!

Seriously people. Sometimes I just want to shout "simma down now!", SNL emphasis and all, from my car loud enough for the idiots that I encounter to hear that need to simma.

We were in San Diego last weekend and apparently they have fancier on-ramp meters than the IE and OC. Instead of a red and green light system, they have red, yellow, and green with a tiny sign underneath that you can't read until you're right next to it, that indicates two cars can go at a time instead of one. So there's one car in front of us and one behind us as we all stop at the first red light meter. We've yet to read the sign to learn of the local protocol. The car in front goes on the green, we inch forward and stop on yellow, notice the sign and shrug. Nate can see in his rearview mirror the guy behind us going all nuts-o over the fact that we stopped at the yellow. Couldn't quite make out what he was saying since it's hard to read the lips of a crazy person, but he was waving his hand like a maniac with two fingers held up. Since we'd seen the sign by now, we figured he was indicating we were car #2... like it mattered now.
But the hysterical part is that he was so worked up about it. Even if we had gone with the first car, he still would have had to wait for the second round of lights. He just went as the second car instead of the first car. Confused? I'll just let you all think about it since it's not worth explaining. Just know it was hilarious.

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