October 25, 2010

The Circle of Life

When we moved to Corona, the first couple months I rode the train to work. The station is about a mile from work so from there I catch the bus, from the bus stop I walk a few blocks. I share all of that with you so you know why I was walking in the first place. haha. Along my short walk, there are several businesses and stores along a busy street. I share that with you because you should know I don't work out in the sticks where nature is abundant. One day, while walking, I could see on the ground up ahead in front of one of the stores, a bird. Not out of the ordinary, but the closer I got I could see lots of little white feathers surrounding this dark colored bird. Didn't make sense at first until I got close enough to see what the bird was doing. That bird turned out to be a hawk. A hawk that was pecking the life out of what I think used to be a white dove. I'm not the biggest fan of National Geographic, and that day I remembered why. RIP little birdie.

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