December 11, 2009

Nyquil..."for a better tomorrow"

Anyone seen the commercials for Nyquil lately? I've posted a link for your convenience. Call me crazy, but isn't that crap supposed to treat your symptoms so "you can rest better"? The guy seen here is snoring up a storm with his mouth hangin open which tells me he his nose never cleared up. Why would I pay for a product that basically doesn't deliver on symptom relief? The commercial seems to state, Nyquil: will cause you to pass out only to wake up with a severe dry mouth and a sinus headache from congestion... and if you have a spouse, don't expect to sleep since they'll be kicking you all night from your snoring.
Word on the street is if you're looking to pass out, a couple beers will land you the same zzzz's and you may even have some fun doing it.


Emily said...

We laughed hysterically the other night when we saw this same commerical. I think we were just slap happy?!?!?!?

Jessica Martiele said...

I'm all for the beer, personally. But only Light beer. Fewer calories for your symptom relief. (Don't they have a zero carb beer too? Let's be honest, how the hell would I know? I'm a mormon.)