December 23, 2009


With the swine flu fears running ramped, there have been all kinds of ways to "prevent" the spread. We have a poster with this little guy on it at work. And I've heard from all over the place the "proper" way to cough or sneeze is to use your sleeve.
Tell me, how is this MORE sanitary? Anyone been doing this? At least if I sneeze in my hands I can immediately wash them, or at the very least follow up with some hand santizer I keep on hand. But your sleeve, assuming you're wearing long enough sleeves, your nastiness stays there all day. I'll be replacing hugs with air high fives. Not to mention, if you have skinny arms like mine, the bulk of your sneeze is absorbed by the sleeve, but there are plenty of leftovers flying around my little arm that couldn't contain the wrath. So how is this more sanitary?? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.


Jason said...

That's totally the newest thing in the elementary schools, too...they've told Tyler (and presumably everyone who attends) that he should sneeze "into his elbow". For adults, I (sort of) get it: random snotless sneezes wind up being absorbed by a sleeze instead of hands you touch everything with...but kids? Yeah, they'll snot all over everything! I keep waiting for my little man to come home with a host of bogeys in the crook of his elbow!

...In other words, as far as I'm concerned, a tissue is ALWAYS preferable. :) Thanks for pointing out more societal stupidity!

Jason said...

(Sorry, that was Jess!)