February 17, 2009

Note to Self..

Next time I'm debating over buying something, ask the lady to put it on HOLD!!

I love little things like these jars and want to collect them, but they are quite pricey. The tiny size pictured will run you easily around $100. So I'm perusing one of many local antique stores with my hubs and inlaw folks and come across a cute little jar (similar to those pictured but the lid was not quite as ornate) for only $20!! But I was sort of on the fence because the lid wasn't very ornate and had some dents and the jar itself had a little chip in it. But really, for $20, still a steal. There was a sales lady helping me since certain items, like this one, are in a locked case. I handed it back to her to "think" about it. I kid you not, I turned down the next aisle, not even a minute passed yet, and some other lady already had it in her hands and was taking it to the register! She had to have been hovering just waiting for me to put that little jar down. She looked like a seasoned antiquer and will probably turn that jar around and sell it at a higher price. I was so annoyed!! I can't believe I got snaked like that. And everyone in my party was like, "you better get it now before someone else does". grrrrr.... It's like, okay, if I came back a week later, or even the next day, fine. I waited too long. But seriously, 1 MINUTE?? What a joke. It just wasn't meant to be.
So next time you need a moment to think a purchase over, make sure you put your crap on HOLD first! ding dangit.


The Bock Family said...

Totally sucks....but made for a good laugh for Katie.

Jessica Martiele said...

Okay, that sucks HARD. But you have to admit, the mental picture I have of this greedy, beedy-eyed 50-something just itching for you to put it down so she could scoop it up in her chubby, icky little hands is, well, hysterical. But still, I'm sorry for your pain...:)