January 19, 2009


So yesterday Nate and I, and Chelsea and Brandon Stewart, sit ourselves down for sacrament. Just your average Sacrament meeting.... NOT!!! We sit down, and then Chelsea is like, I think that's Stephenie Meyers (she says as she discretely points just to the left at the girl sitting in the pew right in front of us). I'm like, no way. But Chelsea is totally sure of it and notes the 3 boys, and then I noticed her husband who I recognized from pictures online. So then Matt Plumber, sitting behind us, gets up (sacrament hadn't started just yet) and taps her on the shoulder to ask if she was Stephenie Meyers (the author of Twilight), to which she nodded in affirmation. And then Nate leans to her and says," you've got a couple of huge fans over here" (nodding toward me and Chelsea). She then quickly turns to briefly smile and give a little wave which made me and Chelsea giggle like little school girls. In fact I giggle even now as I write this. But you could tell she didn't want to be bothered. And I don't blame her, especially with her children there. And if it were me I would expect a little privacy at church. So to answer all your burning questions.... no we did not get an autograph or speak to her out of respect for her privacy and the Sabbath. But OHHHH to be sitting right behind her. What a GLORIOUS DAY!! Best day ever really!! so cool.

And how cool is it to have someone that's no doubt a millionaire now, on vacation, and still gets her family to church?? One more reason for me to admire her. Wow.

On a side note, we get tons of visitors in our ward because we're the nearest church building to Disneyland. First time we've had someone famous like that, but not completely out of the ordinary because of all the visitors our ward gets.


Jessica Martiele said...

Wow...if I had enjoyed the books, I probably would have been all excited too...but considering I was "eh" about them, I'd probably just have asked her how to get published with my own writings. :) That's awesome, though. Holy cow. Too bad you guys didn't, you know, at least get autographs!

But I confess, I've lost all respect for her that she went to church while on vacation. :) Come on! It's a vacation! (Now I really AM going to hell...)

Chelsea and Brandon said...

giggle giggle~ :) that was pretty awesome