February 19, 2009

Facebook Friend Whores

I finally caught the facebook wave. I find the site somewhat NOT user friendly, but whatever. It is a cool place to find old friends without the plethora of teenagers and all the crap associated with myspace. On to the point of this post. Now, is it just me, or is facebook just full of a bunch of friend whores? I admit, I have a horrible memory, so some of these people I'm sure I've spoken to at least once in my life. But honestly, if I gotta scrape my brain to remember who the heck you are, chances are we were never really friends. Sure I was probably nice to you and yada yada yada. But just because we went to the same school/church doesn't qualify you as a friend. Unless we hung out and have at least one memorable moment together, I'm going to say you're only an aquaintance. There, I said it. To all these people that have added me as a "friend" I ask, why? And I know the answer. Your a friend whore. To you I'm just another # on your friend list so that people might think your cooler now by how many friends you have. Or maybe that others will think you're cooler by having me as one of your "friends" on your facebook (haha).
So just the other day I ignored a friend request for the first time. Oh yes people. I can hear you all gasping now. I know, what a mean person. Who would do such a thing? So I've probably burned a bridge. Oh wait, no, there never was a bridge, he was never my freakin friend. I think we may have gone to the beach once with a group of people since he knows my husband through a mutual friend they have. And I'm almost positive I met him before that years ago when he dated my best friends older sister. And suddenly that qualifies as a friend. Well I guess I showed him! haahaha


Hillary said...

You are so funny, I love it. I had some people on my friend list that I said yes to because I knew them but wouldn’t really call them friends but I didn’t really care is they looked at my wall. I knew I would never look at theirs. Then Vikki asked me why I had certain people as my friends, since I can care less about my number I deleted them and then I got a message form one of them wondering why I was not their friend. I totally felt bad and added that person back. It was crazy who notice’s that one person is not your friend anymore. I sure hope they don’t read your blog.

Jessica Garthe said...

I totally agree with you about everything you said. I have not accepted friends as well. It's not wrong. I have kids from my home ward requesting to be my friend, I don't think I have ever talked to them. As for the not so user friendly I TOTALLY agree. I think I am somewhat computer savvy and still after using facebook for a few months, (sporadically) can't figure it our completely.

The Bock Family said...

Hey...it wasn't by chance the Whitford kid was it? Because I got a friend request too from him when I had met him once up at college. I ignored it.......I guess we are the same!

Emily said...

I have rejected people too! I honestly cannot remember some of these people that ask to be my friend, that so says something. Those kind of people just want to feel like the have 320 friends and no one else doesn't. Who really has 320 friends that they all talk to and still hang out with? Really, come on!!!

Atwoods said...

so it seems we're changing the way facebook was originally set-up.
see below:

old school- you're super popular if you have like way tons of friends on facebook.

the new way- the more friends you ignore or decline, the more super popular you are. see, because clearly they want to be your friend to say they have contact with you, so that means the more people you give the "Whatever" sign to, the cooler you are.


So I've ignored 8 people. Can you beat that?

Anne Marie said...

So with you on that!!! I have totally ignored people because they knew my husband! They think that being my friend that my husband will contact them. Yeah right!!! I don't think it's wrong to ignore them at all.

Amber said...

That is exactly why I dont want to do it. I guess I can just say NO. But I hate fake people. And pretending like we are BFF's when we talked once in high school. I think NOT

Jessica Martiele said...

Just add that to the list of things I hated about facebook.

And you know what? I like my life now; I like the people I let in. They read my blog, we see each other in church or to hang out or for girls' nights or we email...so why on earth do I want to open myself up to the old high school-style ridicule of friend/not friend, poke, comment...WHATEVER? I was all sad I'd dropped it after Prop 8, but now I'm like, SOOOOO done with that crap.

So decline away, MB. :)