November 12, 2008


I'm a little late on my post, but here are the pictures of me at work in my costume. I made an outhouse out of a box and made fake legs to create the illusion of me sitting. It was hotter than heck in there and not remotely functional for the work place, but totally worth it for the laughs alone. Took 1st place for funniest costume and won $50!! Woo HOOO!! And it only cost $5 to make. Feel free to add captions in the comment section and indicate what pic it's for.. (The pictures look a little weird cause I messed with them a little in photoshop...)


Jessica Martiele said...

1. Need the outhouse? 'Zin the gay-raaaj.

2. "Thanks for coming with me to the potty...I hate going alone!"

3. "Oh, poo...there goes the door!"

4. "Next!"

Fabulous, MB. FAB-U-LOUS. So,'d you do it?

Anne Marie said...

Great costume!!!

Atwoods said...

i see you're still as hilarious as ever! :) DARLING costume! i may have to steal your idea some year.

ps- i need your address so i can send you a christmas card.