October 10, 2008

Dying of Laughter at the Moment....

So I have a coworker that has horrible broken English when it comes to emails. Usually I can figure out what the email's about. This one had me and my manager crying from laughter!!! Pay close attention to the very last sentence. You may need to read it twice!! LOLLLLLL What makes it even a little funnier is she works in Human Resources.

I send you the payroll for this week, next week Martha is taking Monday , Tuesday and may be Wednesday, so if you have any questions please way she comeback jajajajajaja, no you know you can always come on me ,

Translation: I've sent you the payroll for this week. Next week Martha is taking Monday, Tuesday, and maybe Wednesday off, so if you have any questions, please wait until she comes back. hahahahaha. No, you know you can always count on me.


Jessica Martiele said...



Oh geez, still laughing...one more time...HHHAAAAAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!

Man, that was rough. In HR, huh? Whew. I'm trying not to bust up again and wake my napping kids. I think I actually snorted when I got to the "come on me" part. Dang. You always have the best stories. Good thing I wasn't drinking something, 'cuz I'd have sprayed it all over the computer via my nose. Dang. Good stuff.

The Bock Family said...

Ok...it wasn't the "come on me" part that had me rolling. It was the "jajajajajaja" part. I was like "what the heck is that supposed to mean"? And then I saw your translation. Way funny!

MB Newson said...

I know! The jajajaja part had me rolling first too. I originally just stopped at the jajajaja laughing my butt off and forwarded it to my manager who then pointed out the last sentence... and then we were crying with laughter!

Emily said...

The jajajaja part had me laughing. I really couldn't tell what she was trying to say sometimes. Thanks for the translation. HAHAHAHA