July 8, 2008

Hands Free Law

So everyone knows about the new law. Maybe this already occurred to you too...While I was watching the news July 1st, the newscaster was interviewing a police officer about the new law and asked about texting, something I was curious about as well. Turns out, there's nothing in the new law prohibiting texting, let alone a law of it's own. Call it ironic? Or hypocritical maybe? Not sure what to call it, but it sure doesn't make sense. I can't help but feel texting is a million times more dangerous to do while driving than having the dang phone in hand. At least when the phone is in my hand i still have one hand on the wheel and BOTH FREAKIN EYES ON THE ROAD. So unless you have some crazy talent that allows you to look down with one eye and the other on the road all at once, this is the dumbest law ever. Way to make the roads safer law makers. How can I repay you? How about with this hilarious video!!


By the way, the cop mentioned there is a law that allows cops to pull you over and write tickets for driving distracted, which he tied into people texting. Not that I'm a genius, but wouldn't that law cover the whole driving with a cell in my hand? Granted the cell phone law was probably instituted so they can fine you more for it, but that doesn't sound as funny as noting there's already a law covering it.


Ty & Emily said...

That video was hiliarious. Thanks for the good laugh.

The Bock Family said...

Way funny....i laughed pretty good. Doesn't all make sense, does it??? hehehe

JM said...

Fabulous video. And really, I get the hands-free thing...but I want to know, who the HELL texts when they're DRIVING??? Do they even HAVE to make a law covering that? Frickin' drivers, man. That's the real problem right there. Oh, and the word verification below? doobm. FYI. :) (Why do I find that SOOOO funny?!)

JM said...

Just thought about this...I drove home from the gym today listening to my hubby's ipod w/ ear buds in, knowing full well it's illegal to drive with headphones. Why, then, if we can't wear headphones, must we wear a "hands-free" phone which is basically a headphone for your cell phone? Um...huh?