June 12, 2008


We were able to visit some family in Washington a couple weeks ago. Too much fun to write all out. But I wanted to comment on how friggin' clean that place is! Not to mention the greenest place I've ever seen. They don't even have billboards there which was so weird to not see any but made the place look even cleaner. And get this...while sitting outside, we saw a BALD EAGLE just hanging out flying low overhead. I was like "oh cool, check out that hawk!" And then I was like "hmmm, hawk with a white head...never seen one like that before..." And then it quickly registered in my brain what I was actually seeing. Neat-o! I mean, maybe I don't get out much, but never seen one of those in the wild.

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JM said...

Hmmmm...maybe that would be a good option for places to move. Anywhere but here, right? I don't know, though...Texas housing prices are pretty sweet. But green...now THAT'S tempting.

They have bald eagles in UT too. AWESOME.