June 12, 2008

5 Years baby!!

Heck yes! Our 5 year anniversary is tomorrow! Wow-wee that sounds like forever but feels like only a couple of years. And it's cool tomorrow cause it's the same day of the week we were married on. So if you're putting that together, we were married on Friday the 13th!!! Good thing we're not superstitious.
So Nate surprised me with tickets to WICKED!! I'm pretty darn excited. I don't know that the seats are that great, but I've got binoculars so I'm good. I'll have to post again after we go tomorrow. Super darn dang crazy excited here people.


Amber said...

Congrats! Im so jealous. I went last year and Im dying to see it again. I listen to the soundtrack all the time.

JM said...

So, A) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! B) I'm SOOOOO JEALOUS!!! You have to post IN DETAIL all about it! (I STILL haven't seen it!) Congrats, you two!