April 25, 2008

House Walk Throughs

I just remembered this hilarious story and thought I'd share. As you know, when you're looking to buy that perfect house, you do walk throughs to check out the digs. Our realtor, who is a member of our ward, took us out to different homes to check out. He made sure to schedule appts with the owners to make sure we had a convenient time to stop by, something that isn't necessary since realtors have special codes to open those little boxes on the door handles to get in if no one's home, but it's a nice gesture.
So we show up at this one place, knock, no one answers. The upstairs window was open so he kinda shouts, "hello, anyone home?" but no luck. So our realtor opens the door with his special code. Seconds after we step in we heard something upstairs. Couldn't quite make out what it was, thought nothing of it and proceeded to walk into the first room. And then we heard the moaning. Oh yes, you heard me right... moaning. Followed by the sound of the bed. Needless to say, we hurried our butts out of there giggling the whole way. We were there maybe 5 minutes. I'm not sure if the people there knew someone had walked into the house or not--or just didn't care. I gotta say though, it was a bit embarrassing being there with a member of our ward and I don't know that anyone would feel very comfortable in that situation. Kinda the feeling you get when you're watching a movie that starts to show a slightly risk-ay scene and your parents are in the room watching the movie with you and it just gets really awkward and you just wish someone would fast forward, but you don't move because you don't want them to know you're uncomfortable... yeah, that's kinda what it felt like. And then a few weeks later he was called to be bishop. Good stuff.


Ty & Emily said...

That's too funny! I am sure those people had no idea you were there anyways....obivously they were busy!

JM said...

My guess? They TOTALLY knew you were there and WAITED 'til you were in the house before they started going at it. Yeah. They were THOSE types. (LOL) Reminds me of seeing The Rock in the theatre, telling my folks it was great, going back to see it, and then watching (horrified and humiliated) as Nicholas Cage and his girlfriend had "sex" onscreen knowing I'd forgotten that part and had been the one to recommend my folks pay to see it with me. (Amazing how much more it bothers you with your folks than with your friends, right?) Anyway, thanks for sharing...now I'm gonna have to ask Bishop to tell the story! HA!