April 21, 2008

Boys will be Boys

Saturday we had a at the Montoya's. While there we were treated to some fantastic homemade pizza courtesy of Chris Montoya. Seriously the tastiest. You'll never order in again. Anyway, there were leftovers that everyone was lucky to be sent home with.
So I'm in church thinking about how delicious my lunch will be since I'll be devouring my left over pizza. We get home and I go upstairs to change while Nathan doesn't waste any time getting his 2 slices ready to eat. After I change, I walk into the kitchen to find my 2 slices on a plate. But one of my slices had a huge bite out of it! And it was the first bite, which is my favorite (don't know why but I just love that first bite). So I started badgering my husband and he was adamant that it wasn't him and that it was like that before he took it out of the bag. I was starting to believe him and then scolded him for snaking the two good pieces... and then he could no longer contain his laughter. And I knew that laugh! What a turd! Who the heck takes a bite out of someone elses pizza when they have their own equal amount of pizza! I gave him an earful, but there was no getting through. He was too pleased with himself. He's been warned though. I don't go down without getting the last word. I haven't decided my revenge yet...
By the way, this sort of behavior is soooooo something my brother Spencer would do. I guess I can thank him for grooming me my whole life to be a wife. Without brothers, a girl would be in for the shock of her life when she gets married.


JM said...

I don't think there's ever been a single entry on your blog that didn't make me laugh aloud...or at least snicker, giggle, or chuckle. We should have a ward talent show with you doing standup. Seriously.

ajones said...

I think Spencer knows better now! Because he would have to live with my wrath.
You know there are somethings you just dont do...and I believe that is one of them.