March 24, 2010

When in Doubt...Paper, Rock, Scissors!

Have you ever been in a situation where you're not sure who is right, or who goes first, or who really cut the cheese? Well, your solution is literally just a Paper, Rock, or Scissor (or PRS)away! Ture story on how easy it is to incorporate it into daily life...

We recently graced the local Mickie D's with our presence and upon finishing our meal, the hubs decided he wanted one of their delicious $1 sundaes. He walks up to get in line only to arrive at THE EXACT SAME TIME as another patron. *gasp* Thank goodness this patron was well versed in the art of PRS and instantly threw down a fist to initiate the first of three rounds. My hubs won, (cause I didn't marry no loser), but even if he hadn't, thanks to an instinctive PRS'er, crisis was averted.

Don't feel like doing that project at work? PRS your boss.
Didn't get that A you deserve on your final? PRS you teacher.
Don't feel like waiting in line at D-land? PRS the person in the front of the line.
Don't wanna cook dinner? PRS your spouse.

The possibilities are endless.


Michelle said...

haha, the funniest part about this is that we do that with our kids. We PRS them to see who has to pick up the toys! I LOVE the idea of using that on your spouse when you don't want to cook dinner. Only problem is if I lost I would still make him do it. :)

The Bock Family said...

You are a crazy woman! Totally funny.....where the heck is your book???

Spencer said...

LOL. Amber and I use it all the time. You can't deny the power of PRS.

Cassandra said...

Ha ha, you're hilarious. The Mc Donald's thing made me laugh out loud!