March 25, 2010

Get the 411 on 411

Guess what people? We're in the digital age. I realize some of you may be thinking, "DUH", but I can tell you that there are those that either haven't realized it yet, or are just incredibly stupid... *Ah-hem*...I mean, stubborn. So what's the deal with 411?? If you'll recall, way back in the day, before internet, 411 was a service you pay for to get a phone # for a place or person. So if you didn't have a phone book handy, this was a convenient alternative. But with the internet, and how widely available it is, why is 411 still being utilized? Why would anybody in their right mind choose to PAY for a service over the convenience of the internet. I'll tell you who... idiots. You heard me right! They're idiots! Case in point:

My husband relayed a story to me the other day that goes like this (mind you I'll be writing as though I'm him speaking).

So I'm sitting at my desk when I overhear the lady next to me, "Can I please get the number for 'such-n-such' company? They're located in Los Angeles. Huh? Are you sure? There isn't a listing for that company there? That's weird. Okay, thanks." Yeah, that's how her conversation went. All while she sat conveniently at her desk... in front of her working computer, with installed FREE internet. Mind boggling. The best part was while she was busy being confused on the phone for a place that apparently had no listing, I managed to google it in a matter of seconds.



Cassandra said...

Hmmm...we might be one of those idiots. Not when we're in front of our computers though. But we've done it (well, particularly Jeff) while we're out and don't have access to our computer.

The Bock Family said...

Cassandra....that's when you call someone who is home (MaryBeth!!) and ask them to look for you. If you call 411 on a cell gets pretty expensive. Expecially when your mother-in-law, who is on your phone plan, doesn't realize it costs anything because she just thinks its "part of the phone plan".

MB Newson said... guys are killing me.

Jessica Martiele said...

LOL...that's nuts! At the very least she could've called 1800GOOG411...for FREE. I mean, sometimes you just gotta use the phone because the internet isn't right there...but...still.