October 9, 2009

Softball Losers!!

I normally don't post personal stuff on here, but I gotta vent a little. We play co-ed softball a couple nights a week, and have pretty good teams and usually make the playoffs and have won several times. On our Thursday night league, there's a particular team notorious for poor sportsmanship, in particular their pitcher. I never seen a bigger whiner/jerk in all my life. So of course we are the two teams to face off last night for 1st place. They show up with a team that is full of people we've never seen all season and they are STACKED! Meaning, they brought in some ringers in a pathetic attempt to win (picture huge guys and meaty chicks). So we asked the scorekeeper and umpire to check ID's to make sure they're all on the roster. Which of course they weren't and were forced to forfeit. HA - HA!! LOSERS!!
But that's not the point of the post. After that, they proceeded to taunt and yell explicits at our team for "chickening out", in particular the loser pitcher, who sucks anyway. BOO FREAKIN HOO LOSERS!! Really?? Cause we're just playing by the rules, not to mention that there are rules for a reason idiots. And if you were smart, you would have had them on your roster (you can actually have like 40 people on your roster for subbing, and you only play with 10). Anyway, it was pathetic and stupid. I couldn't believe how horrible they all were behaving. When Nate and I were getting in our car, the idiot pitcher, flanked by his wife and two young children, very loudly proclaimed for all to hear, "even the girls on that team are a bunch of b*tches." Really? Wow. Way to go guy. Or should I say, cool guy? Cause clearly you are a cool guy, right? Glad your kids were there to hear the way you display your excellent sportsmanship and affection for woman.

I'm glad my husband had the decency to hold his tongue and just get in the car, which took a lot of discipline after hearing some jerk pretty much just call your wife a b*tch.


Michelle said...

Wow. It's people like that who make you wanna throw some F-bombs their way. Or slowly let a middle finger creep up out of your hand. haha Good for you guys to just ignore them and leave. :)

Emily said...

Good job that your hubby bit his tongue, mine probably wouldn't be able too. Seriously...that guys is lame!!!!

Amber said...

It is so unbelievable how grown men can be so pathetic when a little competition comes around. But glad you won!

erin said...

thanks for your nice comment you left on my blog about the ever so amazing infertility battles. If you ever need to talk or have questions I seriously AM NOT SHY! Ask away. In the mean time have fun with just you and hubby. Cuz its pretty fun.

Jessica Martiele said...

Wow. All I can say is wow. And as mentioned above, I'm glad it was your hubby and not mine, because there would have been many, many more words...and none of them cordial. :)

Softball? All that over softball? Seriously? Wow.