September 28, 2009

Totally Inappropriate

Both this post and what it's about is, well, inappropriate. Read on if you dare, but you've already seen the picture so you might as well read on...
We went on a cruise this last week, via the Carnival cruiseline. I don't want to bore you all with all the fun details of the trip, and this blog isn't about my personal affairs anyway. So this post is regarding the picture you see here. This is a picture of what adorned each and every door (with the exception of the cabin doors where you slept). To enter where you dined, shopped, or hung out... you had to "pull" open the door with this handle. Surely the person that designed this either has a sick sense of humor, or is a total perve... or both. Wouldn't you think during the approval process someone would have questioned installing something that looks strikingly similar to male genitalia? The added "pull" to each door only makes it more inappropriate, inadvertantly I'm sure since people need to know which way to open the door so they don't look like idiots "pushing" instead of "pulling". Reality is though, anyone opening a door ends up looking silly anyway by "handling" the door handle. Though it makes for a great story and a good laugh.
I kid you not, one night, one small room was closed off with a sign sitting right in front of the door handles that read, "Closed for a Private Party". bahahahahaahahaa... Really?? LOL Too bad I didn't have my camera on hand.

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Jessica Martiele said...

I'm glad it's not just me...because the first moment I looked at that photo, I was like, "What the HECK is that? It looks like a penile-teste combination!"