December 23, 2008

Michaels Coupon

So I'm in the break room at work and notice a couple Michaels coupons on the table for 15% off. So I'm like, sweet! So I take one and then notice, it expired two days ago. Now, today was the first day those coupons made an appearance in the break room, meaning someone had to of just put them there. Who the heck puts out expired coupons? lame.


Atwoods said...

grrrr...who in their right mind doesn't take coupons seriously?

please find the perp and report them.

Jessica Martiele said...

I totally know what it was...some jerkizer was going through her purse and found the coupons, checked them to see when they expired and was pissed that it was 2 days ago, and then thought, "I could walk all the way over there to the trashcan and throw these stupid pieces of crap where they belong...or...ah-ha!...I could leave them right here on this table for some schmuck to get all excited over...UNTIL they notice that they're expired, at which point they'll share in my own personal pre-Christmas bitterness! YES! YES!!! YEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!"

SOOOOO how it happened. So Merry effing Christmas to you, too. (Ok, I'm with the Atwoods...find the perp and string 'em up, 'cuz scoring Michael's coupons only to find that they're EXPIRED Michael's coupons in one cruel joke. Seriously.)