May 9, 2008

Some people are still raising good kids

I probably won't do the story justice thanks to my crappy memory but it was so nice to hear such a thing I had to pass it on.
My mom lives on a residential street that is abnormally busy for it's location. Her house sits on the street where it starts to curve and has had countless accidents near or in front of her house from people taking the curve too fast. And when all the kids lived at home, we would get a lot of visitors and so long story short... whether it was a visitor backing out of the driveway or a crazy driver going too fast, her mailbox has been hit and taken out too many times to count. Not to mention the pesky turds that would go on mailbox bashing sprees, which most of the time I would guess were friends of Spencer.
Anyway, some months ago a local teen hit her mailbox. Something in his car malfunctioned and caused him to lose control of the steering wheel and caused him to knock over the mailbox. Instead of the usual hit and run, the kid knocked on my mom's door to not only apologize but promised to be back the next day to fix it. She accepted his apology, which was more than enough and didn't really expect to see the kid again. But low and behold, the next morning the kid was out there, with his father near by watching, as the kid not only replaced her whole mailbox, but packed in some cement to help keep it in place. Needless to say, my mom was shocked, as was I when she told me the story. Sad to admit, but shocked was really the feeling. I don't know how many kids would do that. Maybe I don't get out much.
Anyway, cool story.


JM said...

Were they Mormon?

Seriously, that's awesome. It's not that you don't get out's that these days, most under 21's suck. Bad. 2nd coming anyone?

chelsea said...

was he cute?? JUST KIDDIN!
thats very cool

MB Newson said...

Not mormon to my knowledge.
And I don't know if he was cute but I picture him cute but the fact that the kid was so nice leads me to believe he was probably ugly.