May 15, 2008

Favorite T-shirts

If you ever feel the urge to buy me something, feel free to buy me a t-shirt from this site. Here's a link to one of their shirts that I personally find HILARIOUS!! If you don't think these shirts are funny, you may be arguably dead inside. I love this website. Check out their other shirts.

This one is on my list to buy for myself:


Kim said...

LOL!!! Those shirts are funny. (Is it ok to think that the first one is funny too?) Well, anyway it is. :)

JM said...

Kim, not only is it okay to think it's funny, I'm thinking of buying it to wear to the next super-cool, under-50-oriented RS enrichment! :) LOL...I'd love the look on some of the youth's mom's faces when I show up with the name Joseph Smith and the word "pimpin'" on the same shirt. HA! You rock, MB.

chelsea said...

dude seriously, i would wear that big pimpin shirt to church like all the time JUST to piss people off like... maureen christensen

MB Newson said...

Like I said Kim.. if you don't think they're funny, you're dead inside. So I would say you're more alive than ever! lol!

Chelsea - Nathan wanted that shirt really bad, but they run small and don't fit him. But he so totally would have rocked it, and no doubt would have worn it to a church activity.