September 16, 2011

Is that a sock in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

Um... yes, that is a sock in my pants. One glorious morning, I got up for work, got ready, drove to work, arrived at work, you get the picture. So maybe about 30 minutes after arriving at work I was walking to get water and seriously out of no where felt a bulge in my crotch, near the rear if you care to know. Didn't feel it all morning. Not once. It was like something had traveled up my leg because it seemed completely out of nowhere. I reached around back to feel around the exterior, and patted said bulge, and I do mean BULGE, and was like, WHAT THE??? So I made bee line to the bathroom to investigate. I reached in my pants and pulled out a humongoid sock. My husband's sock. The sock he's been missing for days. My favorite part was calling him and letting him know I found his sock.

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