May 6, 2009

Milk and Cookies

Milk and Cookies..mmmm... you know what I'm talking about. They just compliment each other so well. I can't think of two things that go together better. So last week I realized two things: 1) I can't stand it when someone else dips their cookies in MY milk, and 2) I coined a new phrase.
One day last week I had some of my in-laws over. So I made super delicious cake batter cookies, which were quite the crowd pleaser I might add. Now before I continue, two things you should know about me...1) I don't share milk from my cup. I can share any other beverage in a cup, but for whatever reason, milk is a no-go for me. Don't know why. 2) I'm not a cookie dipper. I like to eat my cookie and chase it with milk. I don't like the cookie messing up the milk with all it's nernies and how it makes the milk taste like cookie.
Moving on. So I've got everyone's cookies served and finally sit to enjoy their deliciousness with a glass of milk. As I'm eating, out of nowhere comes Nate (the hubs) with a drive-by dip into MY MILK!! WTFreak??? Whoooaaa buddy... where do you get off thinking that was remotely a good idea?? I mean, I know we never had an official sit down to discuss cookie eating ettiquette, but really? Who does that? Freakin Nate. You get a free pass this time pal, but next time there will be forks flying!
So the positive I took from this experience is a new phrase I coined (or at least I've never heard it before). Anytime you need someone to mind their own business or whatever, but can't find the words, feel free to say... "don't go dippin' your cookies in my milk!"
But you gotta use it with a little bit of a ghetto accent to really get your point across.


Amber said...

That's funny.
He I just realized we need to have you guys over to our new place.

The Bock Family said...

Even I know that. Just one of the simple rules of life.....don't touch MB's milk. As a matter of fact, don't bother her at all if she has cake batter cookies and milk in front of her. This is serious business.....

Jessica Martiele said...

I will certainly start using the cookies-in-the-milk expression - brilliant, of course, mainly because you came up with it - but I'm also going to start using the word "Nernies" in reference to cookie floaties in milk. Loooove it!

The cookies in the milk hang-up? Okay, that may be mildly psychotic, but I still like the new catch phrase! :)

The Cardon's said...

Oh my heck- I totally agree- dairy is totally a non sharing item for me. Ice cream, yogurt, cheese- WHATEVER! I have an expecially hard time drinking milk- the ONLY time I will drink it is after I have dunked cookies in it so that my milk tastes like a cookie- otherwise it just tastes like a thick mucas sliding down my throat. Also cake batter cookies- I have never heard of them but they sound devine- I must get the recipie from you!